(To the New Sitatata.com)

Many of the original Sitatata-pages are still available, but they will be replaced with newer layout and hopefully better ones. The changes are already viewable in some pages. Please note that all energy will be put on the new pages and the "old pages" are updated only sporadically.

The main reasons to start from the begining are that the old pages were readable only in MS Explorer and that is a big minus. It's difficult to get the pages to funktion in all browsers but hopefully it's going well at least in the most common ones. Unfortunately it take's time to prepare the whole site, so be patience. An other important reason is that the site has grown and becam a big mess, in other words it's difficult to update.

Contents on the site will be as varying as before but hopefully with a cleaner layout and easier to navigate in.

In the main pages the menu on the left side does the navigation. You can always return back to the first page from the underlying pages. From here you can also jump to pages with an other language - if you feel for that - via the flags. The logo (puppy) in the menu takes you always HOME.

LINUX, especially PUPPY-linux, is a new topic and have its own pages. PUPPY-linux is in many ways a wery interesting distro, particulary for it's flexibility, size (small), speed and it can run as live-Cd. It is new for us too, but belive or not its alredy done a miracle with our old laptop computer.

Let the Puppy run
Let the Puppy run!

And at last but not at least - don't forget the Linkguide, it might be an easy way to get help.

Take a tour and have a good time.

Welcome back!


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Last updated 2008-11-03